About Us


The Hackensack Housing Authority

The Hackensack Housing Authority developed its first public housing project in 1951 known as Oratam Court. The project provided 144 units of family housing in 8-3 story buildings. Since 1951, the Housing Authority developed five other projects located throughout the city. The Authority owns and manages six developments for a combined total of 500 units.

The family sites were totally rehabilitated, starting in 2005, using the Capital Fund Financing Program (CFFP). This program provided $4,335,000.00 which was used to upgrade it family sites to ensure long-term viability. The physical improvements were one part of the Housing Authority’s “Project Independence” program that was established as a vehicle to allow its young residents to self-actualize and meet their maximum potential. The ultimate goal of the program is to allow the young residents to eventually become functioning members of society with meaningful employment. It is intended to help break the generation cycle of poverty that seems to exist at many public housing sites. The physical changes to their housing were part of the self-esteem portion of the program. Our concept is simple-“children that feel good about where they live, tend to have higher self-esteem. Children with high self-esteem have greater potential to self-actualize.” We strive to remove any stigma that may be attached to living in the “the projects.”

The Housing Authority has and continues to also invent in its elderly housing stock. An annual Capital Fund allocation of more than $1,000.000.00 is currently being invested in this stock in order to ensure its long-term viability.
The Housing Authority has established a goal of totally renovating its entire stock to maintain its reputation as one of the best property owners in the City of Hackensack. It continues to invest most of its annual Capital Fund allocation into building improvements in order to achieve this goal.