Michael J. D’Arminio


Former Chairperson (Board member 25 years)

Trustee-St. Francis Church (46 years)

City of Hackensack Board of Adjustment (1963-1969)

City of Hackensack Councilman (1969-1973)

Mayor of Hackensack (1973-1977)

Member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (1973-1977)

City of Hackensack Planning Board (1973-1977)

City of Hackensack Condo Board (2010)

Bergen County Sewerage Authority Commissioner (1973-1977)

Troast A.C, member since 1947

Unico District Governor (1981-1982), Unico National President (1990-1991), Unico National Board of Directors

Korean War Veteran (Staff Sergeant), discharged in 1952

Employed by D’Arminio & Sons, General Contractors (retired 1993)

Married to May since 1953, two sons & four grandaugters